Outright purchase is not the only way to bring the benefits of Hyster equipment to your operation. A growing number of users are renting their lift trucks, rather than tying up valuable working capital in depreciating assets.

BHBW offers customers the option to rent any Hyster equipment on a long-term basis, usually for periods from 36 to 84 months. All long-term rental agreements include a maintenance contract, ensuring maximum productivity and peace of mind.

A long-term rental contract allows you to:

  • reduce your initial investment and align costs to the useful life of the product
  • improve cash management by leveraging off-balance sheet financing*
  • benefit from predictable costs and payment schedules
  • include maintenance requirements, simplifying payment administration
  • customise payment profiles over the rental period
  • maximise the value of capital by retaining up-to-date equipment that can adapt to changes in materials handling requirements

Our short-term rental fleet provides additional flexibility to meet exceptional short-term requirements.

Discover how forklift rental could be beneficial to you. Contact us now to discuss your options.

* BHBW and Hyster are in no way offering accounting advice and any possibility of leveraging off-balance sheet financing should be discussed with a qualified accountant.

Terms and conditions available on request.