Giving paper and pulp a lift

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The paper and pulp industry is a challenging environment for materials handling equipment, with harsh operating conditions and round-the-clock operations. Southern African Hyster dealer Barloworld Handling strives to meet operational demands with a comprehensive range of lift truck solutions designed to maximise efficiencies and improve productivity. hyster pallets.jpg

Each step of the paper supply chain – manufacturing, storage and distribution and recycling – involves materials handling, with raw materials, paper products and waste paper moved, stored, loaded or unloaded. A paper roll, for example, can be loaded, transported and unloaded 14 times or more.

 To meet requirements, Barloworld Handling supplies a full line of lift trucks, including counterbalanced lift trucks with lifting capacities up to 16 tons, and warehousing equipment. Depending on the application, machines can be fitted with attachments to handle pallets, pulp and waste-paper bales as well as paper and tissue reels. The Hyster range also includes big trucks with lift capacities up to 52 tons for the transportation of containers holding reels, bales or paper products. 

Hyster-H12XM-6-paper-handling-forklift.jpgProductivity is maximised through industry leading dependability, serviceability and ergonomics, says Andrew Lotter, Barloworld Handling GM in KwaZulu-Natal. “Hyster lift trucks are built with industrial-grade components that are engineered for strength and reliability.” 

Productivity-enhancing features include, for example, load-sensing hydraulics, which means that oil is pumped only when required, reducing the temperature of hydraulic oil and also fuel consumption. Other standard Hyster features are ‘sealed for life’ oil-immersed brakes which reduce brake temperature, preventing tyre failure caused by overheating; and Hyster’s DuraMatch transmission, a durable powershift transmission which gives controlled direction changes, rollback control on ramps and enables loads to be moved more efficiently. 

Hyster has developed a number of packages and bundles specifically designed for paper and pulp, making it easier to get the right options on the right truck for the right application. All of these packages come with recommended transmission, hydraulic and mast options, says Lotter.