Latest Hyster reach truck is the new benchmark

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With reach trucks at the core of most warehouse materials handling fleets, the latest Hyster reach truck series has been designed to deliver reliability and a low cost of ownership, and to optimise space utilisation and throughput. 

Hyster RT Application 5 2.jpgAvailable in seven models from 1.4 to 2.5 tons, with a selection of four chassis lengths, the series is designed to lift loads up to 12.5m at a lifting speed of 0.8m/s.

Design benefits include:
• The robust frame and mast construction ensures a stable and smooth operation when handling heavy loads, providing excellent residual capacity at heights up to 12.5 metres.
• The durable mast construction incorporates a tilting fork carriage with integral side shift.
• Front and side load wheel protection helps prevent damage during operation.
• AC technology on traction, pump and steer motors ensures superior performance and also minimises the dependence on mechanical parts, resulting in reduced cost of ownership over the lifetime of the truck, while CANbus technology helps reduce wiring complexity for increased reliability.
• An onboard diagnostic display notifies of any maintenance requirements and easily accessible service areas help to simplify maintenance, minimising downtime and associated costs.
• Faster cycle times in demanding, time-sensitive operations thanks to superb aisle manoeuvrability, 180° and 360° progressive steering, high acceleration, and a maximum travel speed of 14km/h with seamless direction changes.

A wide range of options is available to suit virtually any application requirement, including cold-store protection, side battery extraction, load-weight and height indicators, a cushion mast function, fork camera, height selector with four profile options, touch-screen display, a pin-code access option and parameters for driver settings.