Hyster completes new-generation electric line-up

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Hyster has introduced the final addition to its new generation of electric trucks with the launch of the E4.0-5.5XN series. This completes the update of Hyster’s cushion tyre electric range, providing full product line coverage from 1.6t to 5.5t lift capacities.

Designed to operate in the most demanding, heavy-duty indoor applications, the Hyster E4.0-5.5XN series meets a wide range of application-specific requirements.

Benefits include advanced dependability, lower cost of operations, superior ergonomics and enhanced productivity.

Enhanced driver comfort and control

The ergonomically designed operator compartment with increased useable floor space and curved front OHG legs, provides a comfortable and productive environment for the operator, offering generous foot space, excellent shoulder clearance, three-point entry/exit and a low step height. A ‘heads-up’ display keeps the driver’s field of vision clear but provides him with at-a-glance information on truck operating conditions or performance settings.

Enhanced productivity

High travel speeds, with swift direction changes, smooth acceleration and superior torque performance, are delivered by the AC traction motor, with regenerative braking to ensure efficient load handling. Compact dimensions make the E4.0-5.5XN series highly manoeuvrable, even in tight aisle widths where space is restricted.

Increased dependability

The principles of the new generation of electric counterbalance trucks also apply to the E4.0-5.5XN. All products undergo extensive reliability and endurance testing and have a high quality design.

Excellent durability and stability are provided thanks to the compact and tough chassis construction, reliable components and the HSM™ (Hyster Stability Mechanism) featured on the steer axle. The trucks also feature a robust mast design that delivers a high-performance lift capability in heavy-duty operations and an 80V battery with extended shift life.

AC motor technology on traction and hoist, with a built-in advanced thermal management system, allows the forklift to work reliably over long runs and in demanding work cycles, reducing downtime significantly.

Lower cost of operation

Hyster E4.0-5.5XN electric forklifts feature durable and dependable components helping to deliver a low cost of operation, such as the AC motor, which further enhances reliability and reduces the possibility of downtime. The series offers a 1 000 hours service interval and a 4 000 hours service oil change interval.

As a result of the reduced maintenance and the higher uptime the cost of ownership has been reduced.

Excellent serviceability

Service and repair is facilitated by open access to all major components such as hydraulics and the pump controller, the easy-to-open hood and the easily removable two-piece floor plate.